Paraffin bath

My joints / fingers are slowly getting more and more stiff, and some are beginning to twist – not much but they dont look like they used to. In the mornings it is almost impossible to bend them into a fist – it gets better after a while, but not to normal – they are stiff and that is that.

In Denmark we have a special agreement within the health care. Some cronic diseases gives you the possibility to go to a physiotherapist for free – with a few specific rules, it is not individual treatment. You must join a class for aerobic, use the gym at the physiotherapist and so on.

A few months ago I found out that scleroderma is on this list, so I went to my doctor to ask if I could go there. He agreed. They have a paraphine bath there. I talked with my physiotherapist about the possibility to try the paraffin bath – exersice with my fingers AFTER a paraffin bath must be better than without, because my fingers are very warm.

Eventhough it is individual, we agreed that I should use paraffin bath twice a week. I go to the room myself and do the treatment all by myself.

It is easy, it is fun, it is warm and I just LOVE the feeling dipping my fingers in the hot paraffin. And this is what it looks like, when I am finished – I dip my fingers, take them up, make the paraffin go stiff, dip my fingers again and I do it 10 times.


A study using combination of hand exersice and paraffin bath has been made. It seemed to improve mobility, perceived stiffness and skin elasticity. But it has only been tested on a few number of persons, but it seemed that the combination was better than only use exersice. So I continue with my combination with paraffin bath and exersice.

I plan on doing this 3 times a week when the winter comes because the hot wax must be good against Raynaud’s.

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