Me and my electric bike

When you are on a bike in my city it is like you are always struggling the wind coming right against you – and it does not matter which way you are bicycling – out and home, it is the same! Some places of the city there is even hills and they feel like mountains! (Ok, Denmark is a flat country with NO mountains, but a few hills and not SO bad).

For me the wind and hills have always been a struggle. Even more after my scleroderma diagnosis. Wind and hills, and not enough air in your lungs, difficulties in holding the handlingbars, difficulties in getting ON that bike.

So it ended up with the decision… NO MORE BICYCLING – I AM TAKING THE BUS! Or I walk – I actually LOVE to walk. For many it takes hours and hours to get at the final destination, but I actually like the walk. This means that you can listen to music or audiobooks, enjoy the lovely weather, and it is VERY good for your mind. It’s like therapy for me – getting rid of bad thoughts, getting rid of stress and hurry and just relax.

Last year I went to a rehabilitation center to learn to manage different things in daily life – like how to lift things in your arms, how to hold correct when vacuum cleaning in order not to experience pain, how to walk correct, trying different kinds of exercises, learning to deal with you yourself and your disease, and so on. It was very useful and very hard.

Back then I decided to get on that bike again. I had an old bike, which I know I would never get on. It was painful for the hands, and it was hard for the joints not to mention I can not lift my legs THAT high anymore to even get on a bike.

So I decided to invest in myself and my health. By buying an electric bicycle – that is so low, that you can get on it.

OH MY GOODNESS what joy and freedom it has given me. It does not drive by itself so you still get some exercise and the engine gives you a gentle push against the wind and up the hills.

I have about 2 ½ km to work, when I drive home I always end up with a detour with round 10 km. How about that?

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