How come you are so tired after sleeping 10 hours

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Having scleroderma or other autoimmune diseases means that from time to time you experience this HUGE tiredness. You can sleep and sleep for hours and you are still tired next morning. Why?

When you are so tired – I use to say deep into your bones – and sleep does not help, and it starts to have an impact on your daily life, your emotions, your well being etc, it is called fatigue. Here is one explanation on fatigue from the Mayo Clinic.

I have sometimes talked to my doctor about this fatigue, and every time she does not quite know, how to help to get rid of the tiredness. You do not get any medication for it.

The first months until now my fatigue has been much more   present than it was last year, and I am wondering why.

Could it be because I don’t allow myself to rest as much at I am supposed to? Is the scleroderma in an active phase – and where does it plan to strike?

I know that my immune system is acting like it has its own will. Since January I have been sick with stomach flu 2 times, pneumonia treatment 2 times, urine infection 2 times and not to mention the worst flu I have had for several years.  Having high fever means that you should not take your immunesupressive medication, and I take 2 different kinds – methotrexate and abatacept, both by injection.

So this year I have had to pause a few times on methotrexate and abatacept, and I cannot stop thinking that this is a part of my fatigue. Then the little soldiers are waking up and starts fighting each other again – just like it is when you have an auto-immune disease: your body attacks itself.

I have been on abatacept for a little bit more than a year, and I want the energy back. Almost instantly I experienced a huge boost of energy in my body – not to mention that some inflammation in joints was gone within 3 months. So I know that I can get there again – just don’t give me more infections, dear body!

So now I have declared war against my fatigue – I am fighting back. I rest as often as possible and try to get to bed early to make sure that I get enough sleep. I go for walks. I take double doses of vitamin D – scleroderma patients needs extra vitamin D. And I have started to drink Matcha tea. It is green and tastes like grass! YIKES. But they say that it is very healthy and gives your system a boost, not to mention it has a lot of good antioxidants and some more, which I cannot remember right now. So lets give it a try – anything to get back on that horse and get rid of all those infections. I found this website called Health Source, and they have this article on Health Benefits On Matcha Tea, which I found useful. I am always a bit skeptic of things that gives good benefits on everything from cancer to “you name it” – but I was recommended Matcha by a colleague, so I thought why not.

And maybe, now that Spring is here, more sun and warmer weather is a good treat for my body.





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