Update on my colonoscopy

Ok, so last Tuesday I went to the hospital for my colonoscopy examination.

The procedure is mentioned here. The doctor inserts a flexible tube all the way through your colon – every 150 centimeter (5-6 feet). And believe me – that is a lot of colon!!

It is said that there are no nerves in your digestive system – at least there is no nerves in the colon – so you will not be able to feel when they do a biopsy, or in my case several biopsies all the way through the colon.

But you can feel it when you get the tube inserted because the colon moves and gets in touch with rest of your stomach. For me it was quite painfull. My colon was NOT coorporating with neither the rest of my body OR the doctor.

I dont know why it was not coorporating but maybe because the colon was very slimm. But after some struggle the finish line was reached, and the examination could begin.

Simply by pulling the tube back and on the way take a look at the walls and grab a biopsy on the way. I think they might have taken 10-12 biopsies – to check out the entire colon. And that is great and shows me that if there is scleroderma in my colon the tests will show. I will know in a few weeks.

And at least I did not have polyp or ulceration or something like that.

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