This Tuesday I am going to the hospital for a new examination – one I have never tried before and one that I dont want to try. But to check up on my scleroderma and to find out what is happening and where it is happening I need to go through different tests. I dont think I have gone so much to the hospital in my life as I have the past 2 years.

This time I am having my colon examined, the big one in the picture above. Did you know how big it is? 150 cm or 5-6 feet!!! And they want to examine EVERY inch of it. Please knock me out! Well, it is not going to happen – the knock out thing – and I will survive this as I survived last years easophagus examination. But I know that I will not like lying there on the side going through the examination. I have no problem in finding things that are much more fun. But I actually asked for the examination my self because I was wondering why I did not get any – and now that the doctors have said that I have the systemic scleroderma everything should be examined at least once!

What is a colonoscopy?

Well, it makes the doctor take a good look inside your body using a flexible tube which he/she inserts via your anus. On it there is a camera and the doctor can watch the procedure on a tv. Or he looks through the instrument.

During this long journey inside  your body the doctor can see in what shape the colon is. If needed a biopsy is taken. Polyps are being removed and so on.

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