Itchy curly fingers

My fingers are starting to bother me, as mentioned here. Not much, but they dont work right, if you know what I mean. In the morning they are stiff for some time – for about 30 minutes or so – and then I can bend them into my hand as a “normal” person. Let’s not get into how my entire body feels like in the morning. ūüėÄ

As mentioned here I go to my physiotherapist twice a week using paraffin bath. This warms my fingers and my finger exercises are so much better than without the paraffin. And I really like it. It is also good for joint pain.

If it could only slow down the process I am happy. I need my fingers, as everyone else does.

Besides the stiffness my fingers hurt a bit in the joints, and they are very itchy. I guess this means that there is some kind of activity in them. My skin is soft and not hardened but my specialist says that this might mean that something might happen to my fingers. She cannot say for sure – but maybe. They are also very beginning to look wax-like, and this also means that something is happening. My thought is sclerodactyly, which is the condition when the fingers became tight, stretched, wax-like, and hardened.

You can see pictures of my fingers below. Do they look like sclerodactyly on its way? Is there anything I can do to stop the process besides what I already try to – with exercises? My next visit at the specialist is in October – I hope to get more answers there.

But I know that no matter what I will manage. If my fingers will curl more than this I know that I can learn how to live with it.

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